Mediation vs. The Law, Lawyers, and Courts

Old-School Mediation Techniques

October 22 Blog, Mediation vs. The Law, Lawyers, and Courts, Transformative Theory

Learn why old-school mediation techniques aren’t effective. Here’s what I said in this interview about the unfortunate way that most litigation-related mediation is currently done: ” I think there is a wide spectrum of what is considered mediation or what is called mediation. From what I’ve gathered from anecdotes from the lawyers I’ve talked to […]... Read More

But I’ve Heard the Judge Has the Final Say? Isn’t that True?

July 21 Blog, Divorce in Los Angeles, Divorce in Minnesota, Family Mediation, Mediation vs. The Law, Lawyers, and Courts

Not really. Judges love it if you and your co-parent figure out what works for you, since judges understand that if you’re not both satisfied, there are likely to be problems in the future. If you and your co-parent don’t agree and you ask a judge to make a ruling, the judge will do so, […]... Read More