Family Mediation

Best Family Law Attorneys in Los Angeles: None.

December 14 Divorce in Los Angeles, Family Mediation

When mediating a divorce (aka marital dissolution) in Los Angeles (or anywhere, for that matter), I often need to start by helping the couple undo the damage their lawyers have done.  Whether the issues are parenting, child custody, child support, spousal maintenance, property division, or any combination of those, lawyers always interfere with the communication between spouses. […]... Read More

Best Divorce Lawyers in Minnesota: None at all

December 14 Dan's Blog, Divorce in Minnesota, Family Mediation, Mediation vs. The Law, Lawyers, and Courts

The best divorce lawyer in Minnesota is no lawyer at all.  In very rare and extreme cases, they may be helpful, but the vast majority of the time family lawyers do more harm than good.  There are far better ways to deal with conflict with your spouse. If you disagree with your spouse about parenting, child support, […]... Read More

But I’ve Heard the Judge Has the Final Say? Isn’t that True?

July 21 Dan's Blog, Divorce in Los Angeles, Divorce in Minnesota, Family Mediation, Mediation vs. The Law, Lawyers, and Courts

Not really. Judges love it if you and your co-parent figure out what works for you, since judges understand that if you’re not both satisfied, there are likely to be problems in the future. If you and your co-parent don’t agree and you ask a judge to make a ruling, the judge will do so, […]... Read More

Are Minnesota Divorce Lawyers Nothing But Scam Artists?

July 20 Dan's Blog, Family Mediation

Good question. I’ve certainly seen situations where divorce lawyers seem to do much more harm than good. But I don’t think it’s intentional on their part. Having been trained in the law myself, I understand how lawyers assume that it’s helpful to advise clients about what they’re “entitled to.” And it’s natural for lawyers to […]... Read More