Media Appearances

Discussion of Bad Neighbors on WHYY

January 13 Dan's Blog, Media Appearances

The Public Radio Station in Philadelphia, WHYY, has a weekly show called “Voices in the Family”, hosted by Dr. Dan Gottlieb.  A while back they invited me to call in and discuss how to deal with conflicts with your neighbors.  You can listen to the show here:  ... Read More

My Appearance on Fox Business Network

January 13 Dan's Blog, Media Appearances

Although I’m not exactly an expert on criminal law, Fox Business Network asked me on December 31, 2015, to comment on the recent criminal charges against Bill Cosby. In the brief interview, I made one of the points that I often like to make about the legal system: Lawyers will come up with arguments. Lawyers […]... Read More

My Introduction on Video

October 16 Dan's Blog, Media Appearances

Here’s the transcript of the part of the video where I introduce myself and explain how I came to be a transformative mediator:   I’m Dan: My name is Dan Simon. I’m a transformative mediator. I’ve been doing that for 10 years now (as of 2008, that is.  I started in 1998). I started out, […]... Read More