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Mediation Training in Minnesota

June 1 Dan's Blog, Mediation Training

If you’d like to become a professional mediator, there’s one credential in Minnesota that’s recognized by the courts.  It’s the Rule 114 Roster.  It’s also known as the Minnesota Supreme Court’s Roster of Qualified Neutrals. For mediators, there is a family roster and a civil roster.  The distinction between family and civil arises because Minnesota courts […]... Read More

Simon Mediation Training Courses Testimonials

October 24 Dan's Blog, Mediation Training

You can find the latest testimonials for my courses at this page Very engaging. The feedback was very helpful and encouraging. Pamela Kigham, Attorney, Saint Paul, MN. I’ve had a couple transformative trainings now and I’m completely sold on the method of transformative mediation. 10 out of 10. Melissa Maher, Attorney, Lino Lakes, MN. I […]... Read More