Child Support in Los Angeles – 5 Important Things to Know

February 26 Dan's Blog, Divorce in Los Angeles, Featured

  1. You and the other parent have complete control over how much child support you pay or receive. Unless one of you is receiving public assistance, no one but the two of you pays attention to the amount. It’s only if one of you is unhappy with the amount that it gets more complicated.
  2. If you and the other parent disagree about how much child support should be paid, working with a transformative mediator is the most efficient and most effective way to decide on an amount you both can live with.
  3. It should be an absolute last resort to get lawyers involved in dealing with child support questions. Lawyers add to the hostility and they quite often cost more than the amount of money you’re fighting about.
  4. If you’re interested in the state guidelines for child support you can find a calculator here. But remember, these are only guidelines. You and the other parent can agree on something completely different. Or if you get lawyers involved, they’ll have plenty to fight about about how the calculator should be used.
  5. Your kids’ emotional health depends on you handling child support cooperatively with the other parent. If there’s resentment between the parents, kids feel it and it damages them. Seriously consider getting the help of a transformative mediator, if you have conflict about child support or anything else.

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