Transformative Mediation Training: Finally, CLE Courses That Are Meaningful, Engaging and Fun!

July 11 Dan's Blog

Conflict is inevitable, and unfortunately so are CLE courses. Continuing Legal Education courses are a notoriously mundane obligation for most legal professionals. Many lawyers make a habit of showing up at a CLE course, sitting in the back, and catching up on their email and other work.

Ideally, these courses should inspire you to grow in your quest to achieve your professional goals and to help others. Yet most classes just drone on, ticking away the moments until enough credit hours have been reached. Furthermore, if you manage to learn anything during the long boring hours, it’s usually not anything interesting.

Now, for something completely different… Transformative mediator Dan Simon, MA, J.D. of Simon Mediation has created a series of trainings that not only share his expert knowledge, but that change the trajectory of his fellow legal professionals—all for credit hours.

What’s more, participants in his courses report being thoroughly engaged throughout the 24, 30 or 40 hour course.

Trainees in Dan’s June 2017 course are typical in their description of a course that was fun and meaningful: Dr. Katie Williams says, “For four days straight, I was in the room, practicing, part of the conversation. You never feel left out. You are always included and you are engaged the entire time.” Attorney Ron Kirchoff, “It was terrific. I was surprised the four days went as quickly as it did.” And Life Coach Darci Kvam says, “We learned a lot and it was a lot of fun.  Dan is a lot of fun to work with and learn from.”

Simon specializes in a revolutionary approach to conflict and CLE’s: Transformative Mediation.

Transformative Mediation can address the underlying causes of conflict, getting to the true core of the issue and resolving it deeply, or it can help clients get efficiently to a settlement, or both—depending on what the clients want.  With this method, both sides are empowered to choose whether to explore unspoken or neglected factors, causing them to feel genuinely in control of the process as well as the resolution.

Transformative Mediation is a highly effective tool in legal mediation, and it can differentiate your practice by creating more satisfying resolutions. As a result, your clients are left feeling more in control and at peace with the outcome.


What can I expect from these classes?

Simon Mediation offers multiple classes specializing in the Transformative Approach. Training options include:

  • Basic Mediation Training (24 credit hours)
  • Certified Divorce and Family Mediation Training (40 credit hours)
  • Certified 30 Hour Civil Mediation Training (30 credit hours)

All of the courses are highly interactive and include role-play exercises, small group discussions, entertaining video examples, and the opportunity to integrate new concepts into your existing worldview. These classes typically take place over the course of a long weekend and are offered both in-person and online. Learn more about upcoming Simon Mediation training events here.

All classes are led by Dan Simon; the family and divorce mediation course also includes a variety of the most engaging and authoritative guest speakers available.

The fun and interactive format of the courses means you’ll learn more deeply, allowing you to genuinely integrate the new knowledge and skills into your existing perspective.

Immediate takeaways include:

  • A new way to look at conflict that will help you better understand your clients and yourself.
  • A clearer understanding of what it means to be helpful to people in conflict.
  • Skills you can use every day, whether you work as a mediator or not.

Check out some testimonials from past students:

Wonderful. Basically the best CLE course I’ve taken. I’m grateful for your presence and your integrity. 10 out of 10. To me this was REAL mediation training. Stephen Sage, Attorney, St. Paul, MN.

This class was incredibly eye-opening for me. On a scale from 1 – 10, I rate it 100. I’ve shared with many people just how powerful I’ve found this approach to be. The class was illuminating, challenging, and transformative. Dan, you are a gifted, knowledgeable, worldly and very talented person. The world could use more of you. Tim Simonson, Attorney, St. Paul, MN.

The core concept is spot on in identifying the source of conflict and the potential for resolution of all conflict! The course was mind-expanding. 10 out of 10. Theresa Bofferding, Attorney, Saint Paul, MN.

Experience the difference for yourself by learning more about Simon’s Transformative Mediation trainings today.



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