Transformative Mediation: Learn a Better Way to Mediate While Earning MCLE Credits

May 21 Dan's Blog, Uncategorized

Regardless of your legal specialty, Transformative Mediation can complement your experience—and earn you valuable MCLE credits. Learning Transformative Mediation and applying those skills with your clients is a great way to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

When working with those in conflict, Transformative Mediation helps elevate the conversation so that both parties feel engaged in the process of finding a mutual resolution. And even if you’re dealing with only one party in the dispute, these skills can help your client clarify their desires, help you understand your client and their needs more thoroughly, and lead to your client being far more satisfied with the overall process and outcome.

Legal cases are stressful and usually feel like an ordeal full of hostility. Transformative Mediation combines a personal touch with powerful action—helping those in conflict feel heard while simultaneously exploring individual and mutual needs, expectations, options, and solutions. With this added human element, particularly in a neutral space, Transformative Mediation can break up the legalese and can lead both parties to find more satisfaction in the process and the resolution.

Simon Mediation offers a 3-day training course on Transformative Mediation in Los Angeles, CA. This highly sought-after class is taught by Dan Simon, MA, J.D. As the first certified transformative mediator in his home state of Minnesota, Dan has taught Transformative Mediation since 1998, empowering organizations ranging from the US Postal Service to the Institute for the Study of Conflict Transformation.

The course features guest instructors and coaches, and teaches how to get to the real source of the problem, making settlement more likely and eliminating flimsy settlements that lead to more conflict down the road.

Transformative Mediation uncovers the true dilemma at the heart of the conflict, enabling you to lead your clients to find the resolution they are truly looking for, while providing the experience and skill set of a legal professional.

Click here for more information on the course and to register today.


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