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Collaborative Law

Collaborative law is an attempt by divorce lawyers to feel better about what they do.  Since divorce lawyers notoriously do so much harm to their clients and cost so much money, some of them are trying to do something better.  Collaborative law unfortunately is not much better than what divorce lawyers normally do.
Collaborative law involves lawyers on both sides of a divorce agreeing not to go to court for that divorce.  If the clients end up needing to go to court, the collaborative lawyers withdraw, and the clients need to hire new lawyers.  Collaborative lawyers believe that their commitment not to go to court helps put pressure on the clients to come to a settlement outside of court.  But that added pressure often has the reverse effect, causing the clients to dig in their heals.  Even when collaborative law is “successful” and leads to a settlement, both clients are usually resentful and regretful about the process and the results. The attorney fees for a collaborative divorce are also much higher than necessary, usually at least $30,000 total.
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