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Business Dispute

If your conflict is within your organization, I can help you improve how you’re working together or confront the reality that someone needs to leave. I’ve helped business partnerships, executive teams, and non-profit boards.

For disputes between businesses, you can often eliminate the need for legal fees. If I’m brought in later, you can put an end to the attorney fees and can quickly and efficiently reach a mutually satisfactory resolution—real results that all parties can live with.


Barbara Cahill

Thank you for being the best help anyone could ever have. I know nothing about mediation, but what I saw you do was unbelievable. As I said before, you are a Blessing


Just a note to say thanks for leading us to a resolution. We have agreed to an arrangement with (John) and the deal is signed and the stock buy-out has been completed. I am hopeful things can go smoothly going forward. Again, thanks for your help. I’ll keep you in mind for referral possibilities.

Bob Y.

Dan found the common ground, the consensus from which discussions could start, and an outcome amenable to both sides could be found. I'd rather not run into the same situation again, but if I do, I'll be bringing it to Simon Mediation in Los Angeles.

Jim Sherman

Attorney, Minneapolis.
Dan’s unique method of transformative mediation is paving an exciting new path in the field of mediation.

Shannon Wetzel

Chatsworth, CA
I will be happy to share information about your helpful and productive services with friends and colleagues who may be in similar tricky situations.


I truly appreciate all that you’ve done and will definitely think of you in the future, if needed by myself or others. You are very good at what you do.

Anna Hagstrom

Attorney, Stillwater, MN.
I recommend Dan as a mediator and a facilitator for any difficult conversation. He has years of experience in helping people get to the root of their conflict, and it is amazing how each individual benefits from being truly heard. I am always confident in recommending Dan to my clients, whenever the need arises for mediation.

Jess Birken

Attorney, Minneapolis.
Dan's methodology is outstanding and provides a valuable resource to the community. I wouldn't hesitate to use his services in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

What about lawyers?

It’s entirely your choice whether you include lawyers in mediation. If you already have one (or more) involved and you’d like to bring them to mediation, that’s fine with me. If you don’t have one and don’t want one, that’s ok too. If one party wants their lawyer involved and the other party doesn’t want lawyers involved, the may be the first question we address in the process. I’m willing to do the mediation in whatever way the participants are.

Can you help with conflict I have with my business partner?

Absolutely, if you’re both willing to participate. I’ll support you in having whatever conversation you want to have, possibly helping you get clearer about the situation and what you want out of it, maybe understanding the other person better, and making any decisions you’re ready to make.

A lawsuit has already started. Can you help?

Absolutely. In fact you’re likely to be required to participate in some form of Alternative Dispute Resolution at some point, and I can be that provider. I’ll help you have a conversation with the other side (and with any lawyers, if you like) and I’ll help you discuss the situation on your own terms. Often this conversation leads to a settlement of the lawsuit. It nearly always leads to you and the other side getting one helpful information.

What makes you the best choice as a mediator?

My approach allows you to address the conflict in the way that is most meaningful to you. You’ll get to say what you want, ask what you want, and make any decisions you want. If you have questions about what the other side is thinking, you can ask them. If you think they misunderstand you, you can clear that up. This approach is very different from the legal process, and from the sort of mediation that retired judges or longtime-litigators provide.

How do I tell the other side I want you to work with us?

You can give me a call to discuss that. Maybe you’ll reach out to them and suggest me and have them call me. I’m also willing to make one call to them to introduce myself.

How much does it cost?

My rates are very affordable. I only charge for the time when I’m participating in conversations. I also offer surprisingly low flat rates for certain types of cases. Please call me to discuss.

What's your success rate?

It’s not appropriate for me to track the number of cases I work on that “settle.” Mediators who are too motivated to achieve that result end up putting pressure on parties to make decisions that they often regret. I focus on providing a process where you have maximum opportunity to make your own decisions and to communicate constructively with the other side. It’s very rare that participants don’t experience some benefit from this process.

How do I schedule with you?

You can schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation with me on the Contact page. When we’re ready to schedule the mediation, we’ll do that by email.

What if the other side won't participate?

Don’t assume they won’t. They might be assuming the same about you. Give me a call to discuss. If they absolutely refuse, I may be able to coach you on your next steps.