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Mediation Training in Minnesota

June 1 Dan's Blog, Mediation Training

If you’d like to become a professional mediator, there’s one credential in Minnesota that’s recognized by the courts.  It’s the Rule 114 Roster.  It’s also known as the Minnesota Supreme Court’s Roster of Qualified Neutrals. For mediators, there is a family roster and a civil roster.  The distinction between family and civil arises because Minnesota courts […]... Read More

Study Confirms Simon Mediation Uses the Best Techniques

December 1 Dan's Blog, Transformative Theory

A study recently published by the ABA confirms what Simon Mediation has been preaching and practicing for years: the transformative methods used by Simon Mediation are far more effective than coercive tactics used by organizations such as JAMS, other retired judges, and most attorney-mediators. This ABA report is an analysis of 47 separate studies of mediation and covers a […]... Read More

How to Become a Mediator

June 15 Dan's Blog

Mediators are professionals dedicated to guiding those in conflict toward peace. Transformative mediators subscribe to a specific, positive philosophy. They believe in peoples’ power to understand each other better through supported conversation, often without the pressure of involving lawyers. If this sounds compelling to you, you can become a mediator too. What does a mediator […]... Read More

Transformative Mediation: Learn a Better Way to Mediate While Earning MCLE Credits

May 21 Dan's Blog, Uncategorized

Mediation Training Regardless of your legal specialty, Transformative Mediation can complement your experience—and earn you valuable MCLE credits. Learning Transformative Mediation and applying those skills with your clients is a great way to differentiate yourself from your competitors. When working with those in conflict, Transformative Mediation helps elevate the conversation so that both parties feel engaged i... Read More

Solve Workplace Conflict Without Morale-Damaging Investigations

April 9 Dan's Blog, Uncategorized

  Conflict is inevitable in the workplace. When so many people spend so much time together in a high-risk, high-stress environment, it’s only natural. With both livelihood and ego at stake, conflict can grow quickly. When conflict expands beyond HR jurisdiction or expertise – or worse, requires legal action – it’s time to consider a cheaper, […]... Read More

How Does Divorce Mediation Work?

March 24 Dan's Blog, Uncategorized

divorce mediation The decision to get a divorce and the proceedings that follow can be emotionally—and financially—draining. When the initial decision is made, most believe their only option is to hire a lawyer and slug it out in court. However, there is a more civil, effective, and economically viable choice: Mediation. Mediation is an alternative method of […]... Read More