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Lawsuits of Any Kind

If someone has sued you or is threatening to, you might want to suggest mediation to them. I can help you talk through whatever the disagreement is about, usually allowing you to avoid the lawsuit and also reach a resolution both sides are happy with. The same goes for if you’re thinking about suing someone. You leave lawyers entirely out of mediation, or you can bring one, it’s your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sorts of lawsuits have you handled?

All sorts. Personal injury, real estate transactions gone wrong, contract disputes, defamation claims, employment cases, and others. My approach allows you to talk about the dispute on your own terms, which often means the law is only a side issue.

How do I start the process?

Click “contact” and give me a call or schedule a 15-minute free phone consultation.

What if the other person is extremely unreasonable?

The best way to deal with an unreasonable person is to provide a process that they, too, find meaningful. My approach to mediation makes it very likely that they will calm down and become easier for you to deal with.

Are you an expert in the law?

Although I’m licensed to practice law, I find it much more helpful to support people in talking about their differences on their own terms. I don’t evaluate the legal case (which lawyers can do and some mediators do), because that motivates people to make their case, as opposed to talk to each other in a way that leads to resolution. If you feel you are completely right about the law, you’ll be welcome to explain that to the other side – but having me agree with you isn’t likely to persuade the other side. It works better if I’m fully supportive of both you and them, and let you have a good conversation.

How long have you been a mediator?

I made it my main profession in 1998 and have also been teaching it since 2004.

How do you deal with lawyers?

Lawyers are welcome to participate if you want them to. Sometimes it’s helpful to have them explain directly to the other side their interpretation of the law. Also, sometimes, it feels good to have someone with you who is on your side, and whom you can consult with during the mediation. Some people choose not to include lawyers, which is also okay.

How much does it cost?

People are usually surprised how inexpensive it is. I only charge for the time I spend meeting with you. For most cases, 6 hours is the maximum. And often the other side agrees to pay half. Call me to discuss the exact fees for your case.

How far out are you booked?

We can usually complete the process with one month, at the most.