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    Dan Simon is extraordinarily brilliant and gifted, and he is a profound peacemaking force in this world
    - Tricia Dwyer, Attorney, Minneapolis
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    Dan is a truly righteous, dedicated, outstanding individual. He is patient, trustworthy and has tremendous experience in mediation. Dan Simon would be the mediator to choose.
    - Naomi Stal, Attorney, Gualala, CA
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    I highly recommend working with Dan Simon for conflict resolution—divorce and parenting, business disputes, family drama, legal madness… I had the honor of taking mediation training with Dan, several years back, and it has been a great tool that I use with my own consulting services.
    - Susan Shehata, Wellness Consultant, Minneapolis
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    Words cannot fully express my gratitude for your help! With you mediating, I felt heard for the first time and a sense of empowerment I lost years ago. And I know my ex and his lawyer also felt great about what you did.
    - Leslie Knight, Minneapolis
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    You were just exactly what we needed. You cleared up our concerns. We left able to handle the entire process without the need to bring in lawyers. We owe you a big thanks.
    - Mike Beery, Minneapolis

Conflict Mediation Services & Training

Simon Mediation provides Transformative Mediation, which supports clients in gaining the clarity and confidence to pursue what they need, while they increase their capacity to understand each other. It’s incredibly efficient because it helps clients focus directly on the heart of their conflict. Clients most often reach solutions that they feel genuinely good about in a matter of hours.

“Since 1998, Simon Mediation has provided mediation of all types of disputes. My approach keeps you in control and helps you work through differences smoothly and without lasting resentment. You’ll feel supported and encouraged, and never pushed.”
– Dan Simon

Business and Workplace Mediation

From commercial issues to partnership disputes and employment litigation, Transformative Mediation provides the greatest likelihood that partnership disputes, or conflicts within closely-held corporations, can be resolved efficiently and to the satisfaction of all concerned. Our dispute resolution process stands alone as the most effective mediation for businesses. Learn more here.

Marriage and Family Mediation

We work with all types of families and couples. Whether you are looking to end your marriage amicably or you need help with sibling mediation, we are here for you at a fraction of the cost of litigation or collaborative law. Learn more here.

Conflict Management

Simon Mediation’s approach is based on the highly-effective transformative theory of conflict, in which the most important aspect of conflict is the degenerated interaction between the participants. Learn more about our approach here.

Become a Mediator – Mediation Training Courses

Simon Mediation offers mediation training classes that meet your needs. From conflict resolution in the workplace to family and divorce mediation, we have developed courses that prepare you for a career as a mediator or give you a new skill set.  All Simon Mediation’s trainings are interactive, fun, and pre-approved for continuing education credits (CLE and MCLE).

View our upcoming training events. 

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