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Tricia Dwyer

Attorney, Minneapolis
Dan Simon is extraordinarily brilliant and gifted, and he is a profound peacemaking force in this world.

Jean Sewell

Executive Director, North Shore Horizons, Duluth, MN
I can't say enough regarding Dan's commitment, expertise, patience, and flexibility!! I learned a lot and also had an opportunity to hone some existing skills

Beth Johnson

I am unable to express in words all the respect and gratitude I feel toward the ways in which you are a guide through such a difficult transition. Your ethics and caring shine bright. . . you were extraordinarily kind and patient with us.

Tracy Crockett

Saint Paul, MN.
That was the best conversation Joy and I have had in some time. We talked for an hour more after you left the conversation, and half of that was just catching up on our lives.

Lisa Henry

Attorney, Chestnut Cambronne, Minneapolis, MN
I am honored and proud to support Dan Simon’s process. I was involved in a case that I didn’t believe would settle in a million years. Dan mediated and it was resolved.

Marjorie Rapp

Attorney, Minneapolis, MN
In all of the cases that I have referred to Dan, the clients have been very pleased with him and his process and they have always reached durable settlements very efficiently.

Naomi Stal

Attorney, Gualala, CA
Dan is a truly righteous, dedicated, outstanding individual. He is patient, trustworthy and has tremendous experience in mediation. Dan Simon would be the mediator to choose.

About me

In 1996, after practicing business litigation law briefly and while working on an M.A. in Counseling Psychology, I became aware of Transformative Mediation. I soon decided I wanted to devote my professional life to it and started mediating full time in 1998.

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