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I’ve had great success in workplace disputes. The US Postal Service has used transformative mediation for discrimination claims since the ’90’s and I’ve been involved in teaching its mediators.

I can help you have whatever conversation you like with your colleague(s), supervisor(s), or report(s). Sometimes these conversations clear the air and lead to a much better working relationship. Other times it becomes clear that a change is needed – and we can discuss how you’re going to handle that, as well.


Linda Liddle

I am so glad that we went to you rather than fighting it out with lawyers. From the minute I walked into your office, it felt really comfortable. My son has seen his friends in divorce situations; he has told me many times thank you for having a peaceful divorce.


Your advice and pleasant demeanor made this a lot easier to do. I will certainly pass your name on to anyone I know who is getting divorced.

Jodi Elliott

Hutchinson, MN
I just want to say THANK YOU so much for your help and care yesterday. I am very grateful!

Dianna Cusick

JD, VP Minneapolis College
Dan’s approach to conflict resolution is truly transformational.He is such a skilled mediator and facilitator and I highly recommend him.

Jess Birken

Attorney, Minneapolis.
Dan's methodology is outstanding and provides a valuable resource to the community. I wouldn't hesitate to use his services in the future.

Anna Hagstrom

Attorney, Stillwater, MN.
I recommend Dan as a mediator and a facilitator for any difficult conversation. He has years of experience in helping people get to the root of their conflict, and it is amazing how each individual benefits from being truly heard. I am always confident in recommending Dan to my clients, whenever the need arises for mediation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What organizations have you worked with?

The US Postal Service, The Transportation Security Administration, The Federal Air Marshals, The US Department of Veterans Affairs, The US Navy, The US Army Corps of Engineers, The Bureau of Indian Affairs, Minneapolis Community College, and many private companies.

How long does the process take?

We can adjust the process to your needs, but typically I spend an hour on the phone with each participant, and then we have a meeting with all participants and me of up to 3 hours. Sometimes we also have a follow up meeting a week to several months later.

How do we start the process?

Call me to discuss how to inform the participants of the opportunity.

May I choose which managers participate?

You are welcome to make any request about the participants you like. If management agrees to your request, we’re all set.

Who pays?

Often the employer agrees to pay the fees because they are far less than the cost of formal processes or lawsuits.

How do I get the other person to participate?

The process is voluntary, so I can’t insist that anyone participate. Call me to discuss how to invite the other person, if you like.

How much does it cost?

You’ll be surprised how inexpensive it is. I charge a reasonable hourly fee, and I only charge for the time spent in meetings. Call to discuss.

Will you report to our boss at the end?

I will not communicate anything about our meeting with anyone who did not participate, although you may decide, yourself, to share the outcome with others.