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Who Should Take a Mediation Training?

Short answer, anyone who’s interested. The people who attend my courses have ranged in age from 18 to 90. They’ve been college students, law students, psychology students, lawyers, therapists, coaches, judges, retired judges, teachers, human resources professionals, police officers and just about every other profession. We all have conflict in our lives. A course on transformative mediation will give you a way to think about conflict that will help you (1) notice when you’re engaging in conflict destructively (2) do what it takes to get yourself to a clearer, stronger place and (3) make better choices about your interactions.

Some participants are already working professionally as mediators and want to learn a deeper approach. Other participants want to start working as mediators and take the course to qualify for the Minnesota Supreme Court roster or for panels in other jurisdictions. There are no prerequisites other than the desire to become more effective at handling conflict, whether for yourself or to help others.

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