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You can learn Transformative Mediation either at an in-person seminar given by Simon Mediation, or online. If you’d like to join the prestigious ranks of others who  are certified in Transformative Mediation, you can do it by taking Simon Mediation’s Basic Course, followed by the Advanced Course, and then by completing the Certification Process.
Transformative mediation addresses conflict at its most important level—its core reason for being. Rather than imposing a settlement on the parties involved, the transformative mediator supports both parties in their own efforts to improve their interaction as they discuss their conflict, and uncover and address the underlying issues. The United States Postal Service and the Transportation Security Administration have chosen transformative mediation as their preferred method for addressing employment discrimination claims. And over 90% of employees and over 90% of management officials report being satisfied with the process. Simon Mediation has used this approach in hundreds of family cases, as well as many business partnership, inheritance, family business, and employment disputes. All Simon Mediation’s trainings are interactive, fun, and pre-approved for continuing education credits.