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Manage your Conflicts

No matter how well we know what we’re “supposed” to do in conflict, at our worst moments, we simply don’t do it.  The transformative theory explains why that is in a way that makes sense. And in a way that is motivating, empowering, and, well, transformative.  In these courses you’ll learn what it takes for you to step up at those tough times, stand up for yourself effectively, and live up to your own expectations of who you want to be. You’ll also learn to recognize the signs of the destructive conflict cycle, learn how to reverse that cycle, and learn how to act with strength and compassion even in the most difficult of situations.
This course will help you with conflicts with family members, business partners, clients, and everyone else. We hope you’ll join us soon—as you can see below from the testimonials, other participants have found it nothing short of life changing.