Divorce & Parenting Mediation

Especially when there are kids, but even when there aren’t, people care about how they end their marriage. If they feel they were mistreated or if they don’t feel they themselves handled it well, the pain of the breakup can last for life. Simon Mediation makes it very likely that you’ll feel good about how you handled it and even that you’ll feel better about your ex. And Simon Mediation only costs a fraction of what divorce mediation usually costs (and a tiny, tiny fraction of what litigation or collaborative law costs).

Marriage and Prenup Mediation

Talking to your fiancé about a prenuptial agreement can be tense. Simon Mediation can help you have that conversation in a way that helps you feel more connected and trusting than ever.  Rather than having lawyers negotiate on your behalf, which can change how you feel about getting married, let Simon Mediation support you in talking through your concerns, reassuring each other, and making the best possible decisions about your prenup.
Once you’re married, conflict with your spouse doesn’t necessarily mean you need therapy.  Simon Mediation allows you to focus precisely on the areas you’re fighting about. Unlike therapy, Simon Mediation does not make one spouse or the other feel ganged up on or judged. Simon Mediation’s approach to transformative mediation supports both of you as you say what you need to say to each other. One or two sessions are usually enough. Our mediators do not diagnose or prescribe, but only help the conversation unfold in a way that both partners can feel good about.

Adult Sibling Conflict & Family Mediation

Whether you’re fighting about an inheritance, the care of an aging parent, or anything else, Simon Mediation is the best way to handle family conflict. Legal mediation usually means a mediator hammers out a deal at the expense of the clients feeling any real sense of resolution.  Transformative mediation demonstrates that resolution can be reached even more efficiently if it’s handled in a way that respects everyone’s perspective.  Some preliminary conversations, followed by a group meeting of 3 hours or so, usually results in practical solutions, as well as greatly improved relationships.