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Benefits of Transformative Mediation of Employment Disputes

Many employment mediators are retired judges or longtime litigators.  Their mediation methods are less effective because they usually:

  • keep each side separate, making effective communication impossible
  • try to persuade each side to compromise by emphasizing the weaknesses of that side’s case – which is ineffective because everyone knows what the mediator is up to
  • rely on future referrals from the lawyers, so they cater to the lawyers, not to the clients

My approach is better because:

  • I support you in talking directly to the other side, if you like, so you can tell them exactly what you think and so you can ask them what they’re thinking
  • I won’t pretend to know what will happen in court – that’s probably not your main concern anyway
  • I work for the clients, not the lawyers, so I provide the process that gives you maximum freedom and control (even if the lawyers are uncomfortable with that)