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Other tips for handling divorce and parenting conflict

Custody labels: Don’t  let legal terms like “legal custody” or “physical custody” intimidate you. . .read more here.
Child support: In Minnesota, many people like to use the Minnesota Child Support Guidelines Calculator, and that’s fine if it works for you. . . read more here.
Spousal Maintenance, also known as Alimony: Sometimes exes agree that one of them will pay money to the other after the marriage is over. . . read more here.
Property Division:  When people have assets and/or debts to divide, their own discussion about what’s fair or practical is usually far more sophisticated than any legal analysis. . . read more here.
The Legal Divorce Process: The process of legally finalizing a divorce becomes very simple if you and your spouse can work out the plan on your own or with the help of a transformative mediator. . . read more here.