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Mediation Links

We hope you will find these links useful in learning more about mediation.
User Friendly Site for Completing Divorce Legal Paperwork for $249.

Minnesota Court Forms for Divorce
You can print out these forms and fill them out to complete your own divorce.
Information about the decision to divorce and the options for how to do it.
Information about mediation and a searchable list of mediators.

Transformative Mediation
These are the folks who wrote the book, and who continue to do the most important research on what helps people in conflict.

North Dakota Mediation Training
If you’re interested in becoming a mediator, and you can’t make it to one of my trainings, check out the University of North Dakota’s Conflict Resolution Center. Kristine and Sarah there are great trainers.

Institute for the Study of Transformative Mediation
If you’re in Europe, and you’re interested in transformative mediation, Dorothy Della Noce and Hugo Prein, in the Netherlands, are the people to talk to. See their website.

Goldstein Law Office
Charlie Goldstein is one of the lawyers whom I recommend to help with finalizing your divorce. I trust him to provide good service and to respect your decisions. Here’s the link to his site.
A keyword map for the whole internet., State and Federal Divorce Law Directory Center
A variety of divorce-related information.

Minnesota’s Official Child Support Calculation Website
If you want to use Minnesota law to suggest an amount for child support, here’s the state’s official website calculator.