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Conflict Coaching

Conflict Coaching

  • Helps with conflict with spouses, ex-spouses, estranged siblings, business partners, neighbors, or anyone.
  • Get clear about whether you want to reach out to them.
  • Decide whether to reach out by email, phone, text, or through an intermediary.
  • Get clear about what you want to say.
  • Figure out what it means to take good care of yourself, while also treating the other person compassionately.


Naomi Stal

Attorney, Gualala, CA
Dan is a truly righteous, dedicated, outstanding individual. He is patient, trustworthy and has tremendous experience in mediation. Dan Simon would be the mediator to choose.

Lisa Henry

Attorney, Chestnut Cambronne, Minneapolis, MN
I am honored and proud to support Dan Simon’s process. I was involved in a case that I didn’t believe would settle in a million years. Dan mediated and it was resolved.

Marjorie Rapp

Attorney, Minneapolis, MN
In all of the cases that I have referred to Dan, the clients have been very pleased with him and his process and they have always reached durable settlements very efficiently.


Just a note to say thanks for leading us to a resolution. We have agreed to an arrangement with (John) and the deal is signed and the stock buy-out has been completed. I am hopeful things can go smoothly going forward. Again, thanks for your help. I’ll keep you in mind for referral possibilities.

Shannon Wetzel

Chatsworth, CA
I will be happy to share information about your helpful and productive services with friends and colleagues who may be in similar tricky situations.

Anna Hagstrom

Attorney, Stillwater, MN.
I recommend Dan as a mediator and a facilitator for any difficult conversation. He has years of experience in helping people get to the root of their conflict, and it is amazing how each individual benefits from being truly heard. I am always confident in recommending Dan to my clients, whenever the need arises for mediation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do the fees work?

I charge by the hour, and we can go one hour at a time.

Where do we meet?

It’s your choice whether we meet in person at my office, talk on the phone, or Zoom?

How many sessions does it usually take?

People get a lot of value out of the very first session, and that’s enough in some cases. It’s up to you how long our meetings continue to feel worthwhile.